Top Tips: Phone Interviews


So you’ve finally landed a phone interview for a job you’re super excited about. How should you prepare?

Upon Confirmation:

  • As soon as the call is confirmed, write down the call time in at least two places, and be sure that you have an alarm or online calendar system to remind you before the call. Treat this as something you cannot miss, such as a Doctors’ Appointment. 
  • Make sure that your interviewer has your phone number.
  • Be sure that on the day and time of the call you are somewhere quiet that you can talk for the length of the call. Coffee shops will likely be too loud, so sitting in your car might be the best bet.

Before the call:

  • Review the company and position you are interviewing for. It can also be a good idea to add your interviewer on LinkedIn to keep your name fresh in their mind.
  • Have a notebook and pen ready to take notes. While you are waiting to be called, write down some questions you may have. I guarantee that your interviewer has certain points they would like to hit. If you are prepared with the same, you will be able to avoid any awkward silences. You have their undivided attention during this call, it is a perfect time to ask any questions you may have, as opposed to playing email or phone tag.

After the call:

  • You should have been given follow up instructions, such as “give me a few days to pass on your resume and I will get back to you”. If this is the case, allow 2-3 business days before sending a follow up email. Their inboxes are probably bursting, so just send a casual reminder asking for updates. If they don’t already have your resume, now is a good time to send it.

Pro Tip:

  • If you’re comfortable with it, you can let your interviewer know that you’re open to having updates texted to you. This can be much easier and quicker for your recruiter than traditional email and can help to create a more personal bond. (Do not abuse this privilege. Be cool and patient with updates. Nobody likes a stalker.)

We hope that these tips can make phone interviews a little easier and make the process a little smoother for candidates, interviewers, and recruiters alike.

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