Motorsports teams must harness a level of recruitment savvy akin to the tech industry, ensuring they adeptly navigate the competitive landscape to secure engineers with expertise in data science, data analytics, machine learning, and AI, thereby driving innovation both on and off the track

-Marie Watkins

CEO, Polaris Talent 

What challenges does the Motorsports industry face? 

Competition with Tech Giants

Motorsports organizations often find themselves in a fierce competition with well-established tech companies and startups for hiring data analytics and machine learning engineers. These tech entities typically offer lucrative packages, comprehensive benefits, and potentially more stable career paths, which can be immensely appealing to top-tier talent in the data and machine learning domains.

Brand Perception and Career Development Opportunities:

Engineers specialized in data analytics and machine learning might perceive motorsports organizations as primarily focused on racing and mechanical engineering, potentially overlooking the advanced data-driven aspects of the industry. Consequently, they might not recognize the career development opportunities available within motorsports organizations, especially when compared to the seemingly expansive and dynamic paths offered within tech companies. This perception barrier can make it challenging for motorsports organizations to attract engineers who might otherwise be intrigued by the unique challenges presented in the racing domain.

Lack of In-House Expertise in Tech Recruitment

Motorsports entities may lack the in-house expertise needed to effectively identify, assess, and recruit high-caliber engineers specializing in data analytics and machine learning. The absence of a robust recruitment strategy and understanding of the specific skill sets and experience required in these specialized fields can hinder their ability to attract and retain the right talent.

Inexperience with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Focused Hiring

Motorsports organizations may encounter barriers in attracting a diverse talent pool due to potential inexperience or lack of established practices in DEI-focused hiring. The tech industry has been progressively adopting and emphasizing DEI initiatives in their recruitment and workplace culture, which can be a significant draw for engineers attentive to these values. Without a clear strategy and demonstrated commitment to DEI, motorsports organizations might struggle to appeal to a broad spectrum of skilled professionals in data analytics and machine learning, thereby limiting their access to varied perspectives and innovative solutions in the field.

For over 30 years, the team at Polaris Talent has helped companies in the tech industry hire software engineers who have the cutting-edge skills needed to win their market segment.

From the chip to the cloud, as new technologies take center stage, we have remained experts at connecting with diverse pools of engineers and getting them matched with companies and organizations needing their talents. 

We're no longer in the Dotcom era, we are in the AI and Data era. Today's world requires the ability to gather, process, and analyze massive amounts of data to solve real-world problems on the fly. 

And Data is oxygen to organizations that rely on it to make all the decisions needed to be competitive. Data analysis has to be fast, scalable, accurate, and timely for it to have value to the application of the data on the problem being solved. 

The motorsports industry is as dependent on data as any other. Data is the backbone of winning consistently and building a dynasty that achieves podium after podium.  The only difference between motorsports and the tech industry is that data scientists rarely think about working in motorsports, and that is where we come in. 

Polaris Talent is ready to change this today and help motorsports organizations access data and race engineering talent that will help them drive transformation all the way to Victory Lane. 



 Why work with Polaris Talent? 

Deep-rooted Expertise: Our specialization in recruiting data analytics engineers is tailored to meet the distinctive needs of motorsports organizations, ensuring your data is translated into actionable insights on and off the track.

Access to Specialized Talent: We explore both active and passive talent pools, connecting you with individuals who not only excel in engineering but also understand the unique dynamics of the motorsports industry. We are experts in DEI and are AIRS-certified Diversity Recruiting Specialists. 

A True Extension of Your Team: We go beyond mere recruitment, aligning ourselves with your organizational objectives and enhancing your hiring strategies through our proven recruiting-as-a-service model.

We understand motorsports and the unique organizational and environmental challenges related to working in the shop, the paddock, interacting with key stakeholders, and behind the wheel. 

Local Presence, Global Reach: Based in Wisconsin, within a few hours drive of major motorsports centers, we have the ability to work locally but reach global job seekers and bring them to the attention of your teams. 

Polaris Talent drives transformation by designing and delivering strategic recruitment and people programs that improve diversity and optimize employee capabilities for high-tech companies, motorsports organizations, and automotive companies that want to create a culture where everyone wins, together.   We specialize in finding and engaging diverse degreed professionals in engineering and computer science, finance, legal, and business development.