What if there was a subscription box for building your team? 


There is. We call it Recruiting-as-a-service

You probably outsource other functions like legal or IT or finance, so why not your Recruiting? 

Scalable. Cost-effective.  On-demand.  

We can also bundle exec coaching, fractional HRBP services, training design and delivery, operational transformation services, and culture building as part of our package. 



Bespoke recruiting, customized for you

Our team is certified in diversity recruiting and will provide you with concierge service for all things related to hiring.

You get White-Glove guidance every step of the way. We write the job descriptions, help you design the interview process, target your ideal candidates, and close the deal for your next hire.

We'll upskill your recruiting capabilities for the long term while evangelizing your brand and culture. 

We offer global staffing solutions for organizations, big or small regardless of industry. 

Polaris Talent drives transformation by designing and delivering strategic recruitment and people programs that improve diversity and optimize employee capabilities for high-tech companies, motorsports organizations, and automotive companies that want to create a culture where everyone wins, together.   We specialize in finding and engaging diverse degreed professionals in engineering and computer science, finance, legal, and business development.

Companies big and small trust Polaris Talent's 
Recruiting-as-a-service Model  to handle their hiring

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 Why work with Polaris Talent? 

Deep-rooted Expertise: Our specialization in recruiting software engineers is tailored to meet the distinctive needs of growing organizations. 

Access to Specialized Talent: We explore both active and passive talent pools, connecting you with individuals who not only excel in specialized engineering domains like artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, but whatever comes next.   We are experts in DEI and are AIRS-certified Diversity Recruiting Specialists. 

A True Extension of Your Team: We go beyond mere recruitment, aligning ourselves with your organizational objectives and enhancing your hiring strategies through our proven recruiting-as-a-service model.

We understand startups, pre-IPO, and public company growth curves. 

Local Presence, Global Reach: Based in Wisconsin, we are remote-first with the ability reach global job seekers and bring them to the attention of your organization. 

Skills we have hired for globally 

  • Data Analytics
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) 
  • Simulation Developer
  • Gaming Engineer
  • Graphics Engineer
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Human Factors Engineering
  • System Engineering
  • Quality Engineering
  • Test Engineer
  • Performance Engineer
  • Site Reliability Engineering
  • Sales Engineering
  • Solutions Engineers
  • Go-to-Market teams
  • Brand Managers
  • Content Managers 
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Tax and Compliance
  • Human Resources 
Polaris Talent

“Recruitment is hard. Without question it is one of the greatest challenges any company faces. Polaris Talent’s approach to recruitment not only ensures the best candidates are matched to your company’s needs, but they also minimize the pain and effort that comes with recruitment. Their focus on truly understanding what your specific needs are, on a position to position basis, is a critical reason why the candidates they surface are excellent matches. They “get it right” from the start. I highly endorse Polaris Talent and I endorse the deep-engagement and deep-involvement approach they take.”


Polaris Talent

“I highly recommend Polaris Talent, they are very professional, and flexible in the services they offer. They helped us re-vamp our entire organization, from our VP Engineering on down. Acting as far more than a headhunter, they effectively took on the role of our whole HR recruiting department. We tried the direct approach with LinkedIn and Indeed, but working with Polaris helped us greatly accelerate our hiring, while off-loading the hiring effort and still allowing us to put our best foot forward with prospective candidates.”


Polaris Talent
Ken Basore - General Manager - Enterprise Solutions, Cellebrite and Former CEO, Blackbag Techologies

“When we needed a partner to help us recruit for key positions in our organization, we turned to Polaris Talent because they listened to what we needed and offered us a solution that was just right for our business needs. Polaris became part of our team and worked with us to understand our culture and work environment, so they could identify the right candidate who would not just fill a position but would thrive. From top talent in Engineering, all the way to Sales, they were able to quickly source qualified candidates and worked directly with the hiring manager and HR partner to walk each candidate through our hiring process. This not only created a great impression for potential employees but enabled my employees to remain focused on their jobs instead of reading resumes and scheduling interviews. As we continue to grow, we will keep partnering with Polaris because they will find us the right talent, and have proven to be a trusted advisor for our business.”

General Manager - Enterprise Solutions, Cellebrite and Former CEO, Blackbag Techologies

Polaris Talent
Cari Graham  - Sr. Director, HR - Carparts.com; Former Director, HR - BlackBag Technologies

“Have you ever worked with a recruiter that truly understands the role, the industry, the internal processes, takes time to learn your culture, stays connected, and at the end of the day you say to yourself “wow, she gets it”? If you haven’t – you need to make that call! Working with Marie and her team while filling top talent in critical roles has been nothing but a great experience, we are enjoying the partnership along the way! Marie is an expert in finding talent! I’ve worked with her for many years, and her technical experience and understanding of the market have helped us successfully fill critical roles with top talent. She is naturally excellent at building relationships with all levels in the organization and a great business partner! ”

Sr. Director, HR - Carparts.com; Former Director, HR - BlackBag Technologies

Polaris Talent
Jon Marinello - Director, Software Engineering - Microsoft (Retired)

“Marie was essential in helping me grow my development organization at Microsoft from 5 to 25 developers in just 9 months. We had several major unplanned recruiting opportunities that were dropped in our lap and Marie worked very closely with me on them and ensured that they yielded the maximum number of quality candidates. Marie was always working hard to make the recruiting experience a good one for us and more importantly, for the candidates. She is a first rate staffing consultant.”

Director, Software Engineering - Microsoft (Retired)