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Why You? Why Not?

My longtime friend and business partner taught me to do something I didn’t think I could do. Why me? Because she believed in me and the things I could achieve in the recruiting field. She believed in my intelligence and my building ability with people. She saw in me what I didn’t see in myself and started me down this path and journey to fulfill others’ dreams and aspirations. I never thought I would find this career as rewarding as I do, but helping others find success makes me feel successful and I hope it makes the people I’ve connected with see their value as well.

Everyone has had that ‘why me’ moment in life. Good or bad moments, blessed moments, we all have them. We need strong leaders if we are to put our dreams into action for the greater good. If your humility refuses to let you pat yourself on the back, then you are truly a team-focused player, a team leader.

So why you?

You bring something special to the table, to the room. Leaders are plenty, but true leaders are rare. They bring vision and direction to their teams. They make it about their colleagues. They uplift their teams and give them a strong sense of empowerment, building their fellow teammates into leaders.

When we all propel the ship in the same direction we can overcome any challenge or setback and turn opportunities into trailblazing ventures that disrupt the status quo and embolden the shy to find their voice and join the path they’ve been led down.

There are a million ‘rah rah you can do it!’ blogs out there saying the same thing this one is. Leaders aren’t simply forged through a Bachelor’s degree, they are shown how to lead by other brilliant minds.

So why not you?

I followed my leader. I found new belief in my abilities as a human. I found the best in people through phone screens and resumes. There are some fabulous minds out there in the world of tech and business that aren’t about themselves but about the team around them. The next leader is probably working in the next cube or station over from you. Get to know them. Build each other up and lead the team forward. Create leaders out of your teammates and see the possibilities grow.

Why you? Why not.

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