Managed Outplacement Services

Because the end of employment deserves as much care as the beginning



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Letting go of your team is never easy.

We can help you do it with compassion so you can take care of your people, even on the way out.

The end of the employee journey is hard, especially if good people are impacted through no fault of their own.  We know that making hard business decisions means that the very people you selected with care and nurtured to grow, will need some help making a smooth transition.

Polaris Talent has experience with compassionate, mindful, efficient outsourcing support that keeps the needs of your employee top of mind while helping to manage risk for you and ease the impacted person towards a productive restart of their career journey.

We have experience with large and small reductions-in-force and can help whether its just one employee or a many.

Our services include:

  • Collaborative planning of the reduction timeline and activities with your HR team
  • Help with messaging if requested
  • Up to 60-days of outplacement assistance to the impacted parties including weekly workshops on resume writing, job search assistance, mindset support, and practical things like helping with paperwork for continuation of benefits and UI filing.