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Premiere Recruiting for tech startups and Enterprise companies 

Now more than ever, outsourcing overhead functions makes sense.

Polaris Talent can solve your hiring needs until you hire back your internal team. We can also help extend the capacity of your current team so you don’t have to hire more recruiters until business picks back up.  We have been recruiting remotely since 2001 and know how to find, assess, and onboard people no matter where they are, making us the perfect solution to help you meet your headcount goals. Our remote work experience makes us the perfect partner, as was proven during the pandemic and for an increasingly remote workforce.

Polaris Talent’s Recruiting-as-a-Service includes:

Polaris-Talent-recruiting-as-a-service company

A dedicated account manager and a recruiting team that will provide you concierge service for all things related to hiring.

Polaris-Talent-recruiting-as-a-service company

Offering guidance at every step of the way; we write the job descriptions, help you design the interview process, and close the deal with your next hire.

Polaris-Talent-recruiting-as-a-service company

We also offer coaching to up-skill your recruiting capabilities for the long term. As one of the top executive search firms in USA, we work as an extension of your team in fulfilling your recruitment needs.

Polaris-Talent-recruiting-as-a-service company

We are offering global staffing solutions for organizations, big or small. We pride ourselves in being the best agency offering talent acquisition and executive recruitment at cost-effective rates and within fast turnarounds.

A message from our Chief Vision Officer, Marie Woiteshek-Watkins

I was in a meeting the other day with a hiring manager. He described how his team partners with managed services organizations to jointly solve customer pain, when I had an ah-ha moment. 

I realized that what I’ve been calling “recruiting-as-a-service” the last five years is really just managed services but for recruiting

Many functions in organizations use managed services because it is a great way to get timely services at whatever scale or frequency is needed for a cost that doesn’t kill the budget.  

It allows for lower overhead because companies don’t have to build huge internal teams that might need to be let go when a project is done.  

It’s very popular for the IT and finance department to use this model but very uncommon for the recruiting function, which is why it didn’t occur to me until this week that what Polaris Talent offers is managed services.  Doh! 

For years, I’ve talked about how we are not just another agency and how we are not headhunters but I must be doing a poor job talking about how we’re different because I get turned down all the time by people telling me “we don’t work with agencies”. or “we don’t have a budget for headhunters”. 


Why is it that people are willing to spend money on managed services for many parts of the organization but want to DIY hiring??  This befuddles me given that it is the hardest, yet most important piece of the puzzle.  It’s also hypocritical coming from organizations who brag that people are the key to the success of their business.  Really??? 

So let me take another shot at explaining who we are.  

*grabs mic and clears throat* 🎤

Polaris Talent has a team of experts who can manage all of your talent acquisition needs from workforce planning, passive talent attraction and cultivation, recruiting process and selection, and recruiting operations and knowledge transfer including executive coaching.  

We want to be an extension of your team and help you amplify your brand and culture to top talent that probably doesn’t even know you exist! 

We get excited helping startups grow, because we are one too!

We want to help you contain costs, because we have to do that also, which is why we use a monthly subscription model rather than fee-based. 

In fact, our model is designed to be scalable and predictable so you can build your team without burning your runway.  

*takes breath*

We’d like to show you how we’re different and why a managed services model would benefit you.  Book a time to speak with me and I will pull you a talent market data report for your specific industry during our call.  This will help you understand the size and makeup of the candidate pool for the jobs you are looking to fill.