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Small Business HR & Recruiting Solutions


Are you are having trouble hiring the right people with the right skills and right personality, even after seeing hundreds of applications?


Are you tired of the revolving door of workers?


Are you losing time, productivity, and money due to jobs going unfilled?


Are you spending too much time handling personnel issues, yet you still don’t know if you are handing them correctly?


We Have a Solution for You


For a monthly fee based on how many employees you have, Polaris Talent Local will handle your strategic HR issues from hiring to termination so you can focus on your business and keep your customers happy.

What You Get:

Polaris-Talent-recruiting-as-a-service company

Polaris Talent can post your jobs, screen the applicants, and give you a pool of qualified applicants ready for you to talk to them.

Polaris-Talent-recruiting-as-a-service company

We can help you set up an easy interview and selection process and guide you through the paperwork needed to hire easily and legally.

Polaris-Talent-recruiting-as-a-service company

We will do an audit of existing personnel practices to make sure you are compliant with state and federal HR laws and that you have the right forms and procedures for the employment lifecycle.

We follow industry best practices in hiring the top candidates who are attuned to the culture of your company and have the expertise to meet the job requirement.

We’re only a phone call away when an employee issue comes up. Never again will you have to handle it without guidance and support.

In the dynamically changing market for recruiting talent, the number of right candidates is limited. As an experienced recruiting firm in USA, Polaris Talent has a rich repository to source talents across industry verticals and who meet the demanding requirements of today’s business.

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