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Premiere Enterprise Recruiting

Now more than ever, outsourcing makes sense.

Polaris Talent can solve your hiring needs until you hire back your internal team. We can also help extend the capacity of your current team so you don’t have to hire more recruiters until business picks back up. As one of the best executive search consultants globally and in the USA, we have been recruiting remotely since 2001 and know how to find, assess, and onboard people no matter where they are, making us the perfect solution to help you meet your headcount goals. Our remote work experience makes us the perfect partner, as was proven during the pandemic and for an increasingly remote workforce.

Polaris Talent’s premiere Recruiting-as-a-Service model, Polaris Talent enterprise, includes:

Polaris-Talent-recruiting-as-a-service company

A dedicated account manager and a recruiting team that will provide you concierge service for all things related to hiring.

Polaris-Talent-recruiting-as-a-service company

Offering guidance at every step of the way; we write the job descriptions, help you design the interview process, and close the deal with your next hire.

Polaris-Talent-recruiting-as-a-service company

We also offer coaching to up-skill your recruiting capabilities for the long term. As one of the top executive search firms in USA, we work as an extension of your team in fulfilling your recruitment needs.

Polaris-Talent-recruiting-as-a-service company

We are offering global staffing solutions for organizations, big or small. We pride ourselves in being the best agency offering talent acquisition and executive recruitment at cost-effective rates and within fast turnarounds.

Our pay-as-you-go model is ideal for managing your cash flow while getting top talent, especially if you have many of the same types of positions to fill. You only pay for the hours we work on your roles, in blocks of 10 hours at a time, and there is never a big fee upon hire. Our definition of a job is one unique job description regardless of the number of roles or geographies you want us to search for.

We are Offering A Complimentary Assessment Of Your Recruiting Process.

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