Testimonials for The Audacious Resume Career Coaching

Polaris Talent

“When I finally decided to look for a new opportunity after 15 years, I realized that my resume was very dated as was my LinkedIn profile and after using my outdated resume for several months I was not getting much attention. Working with Marie brought my resume a new look while allowing originality to show. With Marie being available every step of the way, it gave me the confidence that I was going to find a new opportunity and sure enough within weeks I found a new opportunity. Thanks, Marie, for everything!”

Sr. Program Manager

Polaris Talent

“Wonderful experience working with the team to bring my resume up to date and make it stand out! They had great ideas and examples to bring my resume to life that focused on ME and what I was looking for as a career. The finished product was built to not only catch the attention of Hiring Managers but to ensure my resume wasn’t cast off to the side. I landed my dream job very quickly after working with the Polaris Talent Team!!"”

VP of Sales

Polaris Talent

“I certainly liked the “personal touch” you provided. It’s kind of like when real estate agents have some houses that only they can sell because it hasn’t gone to the market. I like your approach of working directly with the companies. Keep up the good work, and hopefully, you can continue to help me find opportunities. Thanks with everything.”

Sr. Software Engineer

Polaris Talent

“Marie was extremely helpful when I was job searching. It had been years since I had needed a resume and she thoroughly reviewed it and gave me great feedback, with formatting tips, as well as things to add. She also helped with job search advice. Marie has been in this game a very long time and clearly knows her stuff. Job searching and resume writing can be very stressful, but Marie helped alleviate some of that stress.”



“I started recruiting before there were job boards and applicant tracking systems.  I learned old-school methods that involved making meaningful connections with real people and nurturing those relationships.  I’m a connector and nurturer at my core, so helping people find a job they love, working with people they like and want to work with, and honing the tools they need to keep their careers advancing is what I do.  In my almost 30 years of recruiting for companies - some that are household names and some that nobody has heard of (yet!) -  the thing that has moved me the most is the thousands of times I have helped someone get an offer for a job that will change their life. Hearing the excitement in their voice when they accept the offer and then keeping in touch to see their continued success is the best part of my job.”


Intake call to discuss your career history, goals, and specific needs that will lead to the creation of the strategic plan for your search

Weekly zoom (or phone) check-in calls for up to 90 days

Resume and LinkedIn re-write in the Audacious Resume style (we’ll do this for you)

Audit of your online presence to make sure you are telling a unified story

Curated jobs that match your target, sent to you so all you have to do is submit

Assistance in making a connection directly to the hiring decision-makers. Let our thousands of connections be a force multiplier for you!

Quarterbacking of whatever you need during the search / Trusted Advisor to help with mindset issues (real or imagined)