What if there was a subscription box for recruiting?

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There is! 

We call it Recruiting-as-a-Service

And it’s the subscription box you’ve been wanting  

Polaris-Talent-recruiting-as-a-service company

You get to do what you do best

If you wanted to be a recruiter, you would be one.  If I wanted to be an engineer, I’d be one.  Polaris Talent Inc is a team of recruiters who LOVE to recruit which allows you to focus on what you love, whether that is writing code, attending to business details,  or going on sales calls.  

Polaris-Talent-recruiting-as-a-service company

We work On Behalf of you

As an extension of your team, we work closely with your Human Resources and People and Culture teams and embed to speak on your behalf.  Prospects and candidates will see us as an external member of your team because we focus on giving them a seamless candidate experience as they move through the process with your org. 

Polaris-Talent-recruiting-as-a-service company

Scalable services

Our goal is to save you time, money, and your sanity so our flat monthly fee is based on how many open jobs you want us to work.  For example, 4 open jobs regardless of the headcount of each is $25,000/month for a 6-month renewable contact.  Simple, scalable, and doesn’t burn your runway.  That is our promise to you! 

Polaris-Talent-recruiting-as-a-service company

We leave you better than we found you

Our goal is to leave your organization better than we found it.  In addition to managing your recruiting, we can help optimize your recruiting operations and org capabilities via knowledge transfer and exec coaching.  Our team has years of experience coaching entrepreneurs, one of our Founders, Marie Watkins,  even received an SBA award for it! 

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Recruitment is hard. Without question, it is one of the greatest challenges any company faces. Polaris Talent’s approach to recruitment not only ensures the best candidates are matched to your company’s needs, but they also minimize the pain and effort that comes with recruitment. Their focus on truly understanding what your specific needs are, on a position to position basis, is a critical reason why the candidates they surface are excellent matches. They “get it right” from the start. I highly endorse Polaris Talent and I endorse the deep-engagement and deep-involvement approach they take.


Why Polaris Talent Inc? 


For over 20 years, our team of recruiters and talent acquisition professionals have helped some of the largest companies on the planet grow their technical, leadership, and sales teams with hard-to-find passive talent that we find and invite to have a conversation about your specific job opening.   We’ve worked with startups and public companies including ArterisIP, Poshmark, Medallia, Boosted Commerce, Penn Foster, Orbillion Bio, Cellebrite, Black Swan Data…and more! Will your company be next?



We blend executive search techniques with corporate talent acquisition best practices and do it with the speed and focus of a high volume agency to find and engage passive talent and invite them to have a conversation. We work on your behalf as your talent partner and focus on superior candidate experience and hiring manager satisfaction.  


Our “no ghosting” policy assures that we treat each candidate as a person and not just another pipeline metric.

Recruiting-as-a-service for early stage companies

Finding People

Polaris Talent offers managed Recruiting-as-a-Service for early-stage companies to IPO-ready companies (and beyond) who do not have an internal recruiting function or who need to augment their existing team quickly.

Scaling Your Business  talent acquisition

Scaling Your Business

Hiring us to be your one-stop provider of talent acquisition services frees you up to grow and scale your business while we handle finding your next teammate. This way, we both get to do what we’re most passionate about.

business culture find the right people

Connecting Minds

We take the time to learn your culture, and then we find the right people for your specific needs. Polaris Talent has an exceptional track record of exceeding expectations.

Looking for a job? Here’s what we’re working on today

We Are Polaris Talent

Polaris Talent Co-Founder Roma Watkins as she introduces the Polaris Talent team and provides some background on the founders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Recruiting-as-a-Service?

We offer a managed services solutions-oriented approach to talent acquisition. It is highly customized to the needs of an individual organization but still scalable and efficient which leads to better hiring outcomes at a reduced cost. Polaris Talent’s Recruiting-as-a-Service approach relieves the burden of handling talent acquisition internally and assures a quality candidate experience that reflects your talent brand and culture.

How Do I Know if the candidate Is Right for My Business?

We know that the best candidates are not looking on job boards or responding to postings.  The best talent is passive, and we find them because we have a deep understanding of talent pools in our core areas which are leadership, sales, and technical roles.  Once we identify a prospective candidate, they are invited to an informational conversation with us where we share information about the job and company and gain an understanding of their career path to assess alignment and motivation. Any candidate we represent has to be highly skilled, self-aware, and have a growth mindset or we will not present them to you no matter how well they match the job parameters.  

What kind of companies do you work with?

We love to work with startups, because we are one, but we also like to work with established companies.  Our model seems to work best for companies below 400 people who are growing rapidly but do not have a robust internal talent function.  Our sweet spot is technical, sales, and executive roles. 

What if my hiring is sporadic? Am I locked into a contract?

Our Recruiting-as-a-Service model is designed for the peaks and valleys of workforce planning or in case of an urgent backfill due to attrition. All of our contracts are month-to-month after a minimum of 6-months and can be started and stopped as needed so you can pause when you’ve filled your roles and re-start when you have more headcount. We also offer long-term agreement discounts if you have high volume, long term hiring to do so that you can rev up your pipeline for max efficiency, and maintain the volume over time.

Do you offer general human resource consulting services?

Yes, in addition to being able to handle the full talent acquisition lifecycle, Polaris Talent offers consulting services in general human resource areas including handbook and policy creation, topic-based employee and management training, and onboarding and termination program design. We also offer people and culture coaching to leadership.

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