Polaris Talent Team

We work hard so we can play hard whether we are backstage, onstage, or at the ballpark.
We are thinkers, creatives, problem solvers, and entrepreneurs.
We are Polaris Talent.

We are Polaris Talent

We trace our roots back over 40 years to when Marshall and Marie, lifelong friends, met in junior high. When Marie was looking for business partners she could trust and invest in she turned to Marshall and her daughter, Roma, to help her realize a dream and disrupt an industry while having fun doing it.

Marie Watkins Polaris Talent Founder and CEO

Marie Watkins

Founder & CEO

Marie Watkins

Marie is passionate about showing the world what good recruiting looks like. She brings 20+ years of global staffing experience to the table and is a coach and mentor to startups. Despite moving to San Diego in 1986, she is a Wisconsin girl at heart. Marie finds left-right brain balance by writing and building costumes for theatre and ballet.

Roma Watkins

Roma is the Polaris Talent Brand Manager and Lead Recruiter. There is no skill set she can’t find, no matter where they are. A native of San Diego, she balances building Polaris Talent with a ballet and musical theatre career.

Roma-Watkins Polaris Talent Co-Founder and CMO

Roma Watkins

Co-Founder and CMO

Marshall Folger Polaris Talent Co-Founder and COO

Marshall Folger

Co-Founder and COO

Marshall Folger

Marshall is a jack-of-all-trades handling research, sourcing, biz dev, and whatever else lands on his plate. A native of Wisconsin, he manages our Third Coast location. He is a singer/songwriter who is never far from a guitar.

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