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Innovation and creation are important ingredients for your startup but where do you go from there? You’ve gotta hatch. 

A couple of weeks ago five early stage companies took the stage at The Branch at 1501 (located at 1501 Washington Ave) in Racine, Wisconsin, to pitch for the opportunity to get $2000 in seed funding and a slot in the regional finale in Racine in November for another $5000.  


(L-R) Seth Muller, Jacinto Lagos, Nikia Johnson, Matt Glaman, and Benjamin Taft delivered pitches.

A joint effort of Newaukee and the Bright Star Foundation,  Hatch helps early-stage “napkin ideas” see the light of day during a fun evening of networking.  The main event of the night was seeing the five founders pitch their ideas to future investors and partners. It was a great vehicle for our home grown talent to showcase their ideas and desire to improve the world we live in and our local community to those who can help take them to the next step.  

In addition to Newaukee and the Bright Star Foundation, Racine’s event was sponsored by Visioning a Greater Racine, WWBICWhat’s Up Racine, and our company Polaris Talent Inc.  About 150 people filled The Branch with excitement and left energized. In a world filled with doubt and negative news at every turn, this was an event that was inspiring and many left with an “I can do that also!” feeling.


Descriptions of the teams presenting at Hatch

A team of judges selected from local business and community leaders awarded Racine’s Hatch event to Benjamin Taft of Landmark Acoustics (watch his pitch here).  He will be joining Toby Thomas of FreshEx who won the Kenosha Hatch event in May in the regional final in November. There is one more Hatch evening coming up September 20th in Kenosha to round out the finalists for November. Hatch events are free to the public and will leave you feeling uplifted and positive about the innovation and vision of these entrepreneurs and it’s a great way to spend an evening.

Back to the original question.  Where do you go from here?

  • Follow your dream and your passion.
  • Find a mentor to help you down your path.
  • Become a leader and visionary in your business community and take your place in the startup community in your area.
  • Attend a Hatch event and light your fire!

Together we build a better community that we want to live and work in.  Even better, we join all our positive energy together to reduce the Negative Nellies while providing opportunities for those who desire success.


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