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How the Hiring Landscape has Changed Since 2020


Join Marie Watkins, Founder of Polaris Talent, to discuss the changes to the hiring landscape since 2020 – and what that means for building a resilient post-pandemic organization.

We will begin with some introductions, Marie will share her thoughts, insight, and data, and we will have some time set aside for questions and discussion. Our goal is to have a fireside chat, not your standard clinical seminar with a Q&A – although we welcome any Qs and As you’d like to throw at us.

Mark your calendars and come hang out with us, we love discussing industry news and events and would love to hear your thoughts as well.

Marie Watkins Polaris Talent CEO and Founder

Marie Watkins

Founder & CVO, Polaris Talent

Marie Watkins

Instead of having a midlife crisis, in 2017 Marie Watkins decided to get a tattoo, buy her dream car (actually it’s a bigass Chevy Silverado), and ditch the corporate world to start Polaris Talent Inc, where she is the Chief Vision Officer.  She has 25 years in HR and Talent Acquisition for technology companies from 2 people to 200K and is passionate about helping companies find the right talent to hire and in helping job seekers find a job they enjoy going to on Monday morning, because life is too short to dread the 9-5. For over 20 years she has hired people who make the tech we all know and love. From proof-of-concept tablets in the ‘90s, firmware engineers for the first smart devices, Ecommerce engineers for the first wave on online shopping in 2000, to more familiar names such as iPhone apps, Bing, Xbox/Kinect, Verizon’s CloudSwitch team, and companies working on space and aviation tech.  If it is a skill needing to be hired, she can find the talent to match. We don’t know what skills will be hot in 5 years, but we know she’ll still be able to find them. 

Marie is a subject matter expert in entrepreneurship and leadership and is trying to smash the established norms of business by helping underrepresented minorities get their ideas from napkins to reality. She spends her free time coaching napkin-stage startups and giving talks and webinars to local community groups. Marie has a Bachelor’s degree in English and Italian Literature from UC-San Diego, a Master’s degree in English Literature (Renaissance Feminism to be specific) from Claremont Graduate University, and certificates from Palomar College (Native American Studies) and UCSD Extension (Online Curriculum Development) which just proves that Liberal Arts degrees are worth getting!  Marie’s mantra is “Sometimes it’s better to cut across the grass than stay on the sidewalk.”  A Wisconsin native (and Packer’s ShareHolder), Marie splits her time between Racine, WI and San Diego, CA.

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