For this week’s blog, we at Polaris Talent and The Audacious Resume are feeling a bit more light-hearted. We invite you to join us for a few minutes in a far-off land of resumes, job searching, big tops, and carnival barkers…

*Cue dream-sequence flashback music…*

Step right up ladies and gentlemen and let’s play Resume Roulette!  Try your hand at fate with your University or Tech School resume template!

Oh wait…it’s out of date!  It’s out of style! Look at your college career counselor…guess what…they’re running a game of 3-Card Monte on you!


That’s what you’re in debt for!

Poor advice from people who have been happily nestled in academia for too long and have never ever had to work in the real world. How would they possibly be the best person to launch you into your new job in the corporate world?

Following the templates and archaic thinking of these tired academia wannabe entrepreneurs and leaders is a HUGE mistake. They are out of touch! Especially if you’re anything besides the ‘White Male Between The Ages of 28-50’ demographic! 

Academia has nothing to gain from you being an alumnus. They already took your money. You got the piece of paper that says you worked your ass off. You have the debt to show for it. 

Now, not all colleges and universities are this way! Some are wonderful and catapult you into the professional world with job offers and letters of reference.

Unfortunately, for the majority of people, this simply isn’t the case. Our job as recruiters is to read resumes. Do you want to know a secret? Template resumes get ignored. They’re boring and so vanilla they would offend the dead. 

University Career Counselors have no clue how to get your resume to the top of the stack. They are afraid of I and Me statements. 

We, on the other hand, want to see your bold and brave accomplishments! We want to be able to say to the hiring manager that they should be talking to you because you’re badass!

You are the next “Rookie of the Year” or MVP.

You didn’t work your ass off in school and at those starter jobs to be another average employee…nope! You want to make a difference!

You have good intent and ethics.

A template isn’t going to convey this. A career counselor that has never been in the trenches isn’t going to understand the ever-changing landscape of the working world. 

If you’ve been stepping on up and spinning the wheel, then you know this simple truth: the house always wins. You are left a few more dollars in the hole and with a broken compass to find your way. 

We find these broken odds unacceptable and will show you the path to success and self-promotion without guilt, keeping your humility apparent and your achievements the star of your growing career.

Want to learn how to write a better, more (dare we say) Audacious Resume? We can help.  Visit The Audacious Resume to learn more.