You might be an entrepreneur if.....


Welcome to the playful side of business!

Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming about running your own empire, or find yourself constantly coming up with new ideas that could be the next big thing?

Well, you might just be an entrepreneur at heart! Let’s have a bit of fun and see if you fit the bill. 

You might be an entrepreneur if: 

1. You’re the Boss of Your Brand

If you've ever been an athlete who’s had to manage their image, negotiate sponsorships, or even handle media relations, guess what? You’ve been running your own personal brand. Just like an entrepreneur, athletes who see themselves as a brand have to make strategic decisions almost daily. Whether it's choosing which events to participate in, which endorsements to take, or how to market themselves on social networks, these are all entrepreneurial decisions.

2. Problem-Solving Excites You

Find yourself getting excited about overcoming challenges? Whether it's figuring out how to improve your game or finding a way to engage more with fans, solving problems is what you thrive on. Entrepreneurs are the same! They see a challenge, and instead of running away, they think, “How can I overcome this?”

3. You’re All About That Hustle

Ever trained while everyone else was relaxing? That's the hustle – the same drive that entrepreneurs use to build businesses. Athletes understand the grind better than anyone. It's about getting up at dawn for training, pushing through pain, and always striving for excellence.

4. Your Comeback Game is Strong

Every athlete knows that setbacks are just setups for comebacks. Entrepreneurs have a similar mindset—they know that failure is not the opposite of success; it's part of success. If you’ve ever had a bad game or season and came back stronger, you’ve got the entrepreneurial spirit.

5. You’re a Team Player, Even When You’re the Team

Whether you’re part of a relay race or a solo sport where coaches and support teams are behind you, understanding the value of a team is crucial. Entrepreneurs might start with a one-man-show, but they quickly learn that their network—mentors, partners, and colleagues—is key to their growth.

6. Long Term Goals Are Your Jam

Just as athletes train not just for the next game but for the season ahead, entrepreneurs plan their strategies for the long run. It’s about vision, planning, and goals that go beyond the immediate.

If these points resonated with you, then you’re already on the path to entrepreneurship. But why not take it a step further?  DriveHer Consulting offers specialized training that can give you the foundation to grow your business ideas with the same discipline and strategic planning you apply in sports. Our program is tailored specifically for athletes like you who want to transition their leadership from the sports field to the business world.

So, if you’re looking to elevate your game in the business arena, let DriveHer Consulting be your coach. Just as you’ve conquered the sports world, with the right training and support, you can dominate the business world too.

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