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Originally published on LinkedIn February 21, 2020 by Marshall Folger

There’s a misconception about messages you receive from recruiters. Yes the emails clog up the inbox and can be pretty annoying. Let me change your paradigm on this topic.

A very good friend of mine, who is in the entertainment industry, and I were having breakfast in a casino restaurant one morning before the sound check and show, and he asked me what it was that I did and what my company did.

I told him that my business partners and I had a recruiting-as-a-service company called Polaris Talent that found top talent for our client partners. He looked me straight in the eye and said without missing a beat, “You’re opportunity.”

I stopped and thought about that. He was right. Our company brings opportunity to you. You know the phrase “Opportunity Knocks”. The email I sent you is the knock.

Often that email though has to run a gauntlet of bad information like misdirected emails and vague contact info that prevents it getting to you. I encourage everyone to make sure their LinkedIn profiles are up to date and include a good email address so that when these opportunities become available we have a way to knock on your door.

I can hear the argument on having unsolicited emails clog up your inbox brewing. My suggestion is to set up a strictly work/opportunity email which is easy and free via Gmail. Check it once daily when you’re unwinding with that evening beverage. The next step up in your career might be hiding in there.

Remember, we’re no longer the “gold watch” generation of employees. Those that stay in the silo are content and happy with what they have and that’s fine, but the hungry for a challenge, career minded person will keep climbing up the ladder to the brass ring and early retirement. That’s where recruiters come in.

Recruiters are the guide/hunter that gets you to that goal. Help me, help you. Make sure your information is current and we can contact you. My success happens when yours does. Let my knock take you to the next level.

Remember, the email is the knock.  When I send it, I’m opportunity.

Will you answer?

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