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Originally published on LinkedIn April 9, 2020 by Marshall Folger

Are you ready to pivot?

Covid-19 has shown us where we need to improve and has created new opportunities for us all. How are you going to seize this window of opportunity?

Working remote is going to become a more common thing as we go forward. Online education is going to become an avenue for many to attend colleges of their choice and cut tuition costs.

There is a growth mindset that can be nurtured and cultivated here.

eSports has gained a foothold with the sports industry thanks to iRacing. Think of how many more sports can be applied to that medium. Twitch has found its opening to become bigger.

Our friends at Fiveable have seen their platform explode with users! Education has found a clearer path to many.

While our infrastructure to get the internet to the rural areas remains a challenge that we can and must overcome within the next 5 years. People before profits will equal profits for everyone from the shareholders to the users. Time to get the lines run and the satellites up!

We can and will advance on these challenges with the creative human spirit that has made us great. This is the time for the innovators to become the clear voice of success and be the shining light in dark times.